About diManolo


Our tradition starts from the pre World War II period, when the grandfather of one of the current owners opened a small handbags and shoes workshop.
His handcrafted products were becoming popular on the local market when, in 1949, the workshop was nationalized by the communist regime. Although heartbroken, the grandfather continued to work in a small shop only as a shoes repair craftsman.

Even though the economic system didn’t allow continuity to the family business, the passion for beautiful leather products has remained in the family and has been perpetuated from generation to generation by the grandfather stories.

DiManolo was born in 2000 and the family resumed the production of handmade leather goods. From 2013 on, the company has expanded and invested into design and production technologies and, as a consequence, the brand DiManolo could be found on leather cover photo albums and vintage phone pouches.

Today, DiManolo brand products are distributed worldwide in Japan, USA, Belgium, South Korea, Germany, France, Italy, Romania, Czech Republic and Mexico.

“Obsession for detail” is our motto. That thought guides us every day to craft premium handbags for ladies and gentlemen, using the finest Italian leather and accessories.

We handcraft our handbags strictly in limited editions and on demand. DiManolo team of designers and craftsmen has the ability to customize any of our handbags, by request, in order to better suit the customer wishes.

Our products are genuinely dedicated to complement the people with personality and charm.


Amelia, pure leather bag

  • Premium Italian Leather
  • Luxury Metal Finishes
  • Starting Price: 1150 eur.
  • Available with pre-order
dimanolo leather handbags


Amaranta, pure leather clutch

  • Premium Italian Leather inside & outside
  • Luxury Metal Finishes
  • Starting Price: 750 eur.
  • Available with pre-order

Exotic Leather Shoes

Stiletto, Angellino

  • Exotic Leather ( Python, Catfish, Pony )
  • Pure geniune leather inside & outside
  • Ventilation Luxury Wood Box included
  • Starting Price: 1530 eur.
  • Available with pre-order

Men’s Leather Shoes


  • Premium Italian Leather inside & outside
  • Starting Price: 550 eur.
  • Available with pre-order


Annetta Belt

  • Premium Italian Leather on both faces
  • Luxury Metal Finishes
  • Starting Price: 250 eur.


Arrigo series, Travel Bags

  • Premium Italian Leather
  • Kevlar Interior
  • Luxury Metal Finishes
  • Starting Price: 1670 eur.


Every product from diManolo is sold with a pre-order after a sales consultant will assist you.

For Made to Measure shoes, a team consisting in a designer and a consultant will travel to the client’s location for a 3D Feet Scanning and a Material Catalog, following a 60 days time limit to create the desired product.

The Last belongs to the client for lifetime.

Our team travels worldwide.